We liked the trip on motorbikes with my husband. The lot of amazing impressions, we explored the most cult and beautiful places of the island, learned a lot of new things, visited temples, sightseeng platforms with extraordinary views, photos are just fire. Guys, thank you very much for unforgettable impressions and memories for life! Our recommendations !!!

  2. Irina Malyshenko

    Sightseeing programs in Phuket are pleased with the diversity and magnificence of the amazing viewpoints. I was particularly impressed after visiting Windmill Viewpoint (next to the windmills) and the observation deck with a lighthouse in the southern part of Phuket – Prompthep Cape Lighthouse. All these places and many other places in Phuket, we could see thanks to our friend, who organized for us an informative and very cool motorbike excursion. We forget about groups of 50 people, about boring stories and stuffy transport – only you, tales, fun and perfect photos for memory: These guys conducts excursions to the scenic routes of Phuket (and not only), teach you how to ride a motorbike or just rent out motorbike if you can good ride!!


    Friends of all welcome! I’m not a fan of posts, but here I could not help writing). In Thailand I was the 1st time, I met the guys who also rested, and through them I find Kir and his friends !! (Many people talk about them)
    1. That I note, this is the calm, positive and cheerful attitude of this guys))
    2. We had a ride on motorbikes. I went on it 2nd time in Life – I really liked the fact that Kir did not ride too much, waited for the whole group if she braked (I’m talking about myself)
    Well, he’s just a cool conversationalist and a person. If I once again go to Thailand, and I’ll go there 100%))) I will definitely contact Kir and ask him for advice about shedule and his sightseeing programs. And he has much to show and tell :)) Thank you very much Kir! From the Soul. See you again and have a nice day !!


    In Thailand, without a motorbike, it’s very hard)) Last time I went for a ride on bicycle about 13 years ago, but it’s good that there are these guys. They have an excellent complete program of training motorbike courses, with a bunch of exercises that we worked out long and hard, easy to understand everything. In addition to the exercises, the instructor gave a lot of advice, how to control of the motorbike in different roads and surfaces, and the psychology of driving Thais and tourists). For 2 weeks after training, never fell from a motorbike and did not even scratch). There is no point in spending money on taxi drivers, when you can learn to ride a motorbike and go where you want). Thank you very much to my instructor and the entire motorbike school for their work)


    Hello !!! I was fortunate enough to rest on Phuket island. I was very lucky, in Thailand I met Kir and Michael. Want to make your holiday unforgettable? Take as much as what it offers! I will not disclose all the secrets and raisins of his moto trips, one thing I will say – you are in safe hands! What awaits you? Full drive, positive mood, interesting and deep tales, intriguing amazing program of trip. Next to him is reliable and cheerful, kind and open little man. I even recommend him !!! The space of your memory will fill with bright colors, showing the beauty of the island. Kir and Michael, a huge thank you to you for everything, as if in one breath …. It was here that I felt the taste of life..


    Hello sunny Thailand!
    Everyone asks himself how to relax in Thailand and know about Phuket. Thinking, I decided that I had to travel around the island on a motorbike tout, besides the sun and the wind give a feeling of flight and freedom. On the recommendation of my friends, I went to Serg and Michael. Chose South and North Phuket and have not lost.
    South Phuket – very colorful and beautiful. And thanks to Serg and Michael learned a lot of interesting things about the island. It was a Sightseeing Viewpoints, Big Buddha, a mountain of monkeys, beautiful beaches, a temples, and a sunset on the Wind Mill Hill.
    Second day – The north of Phuket was impressed by the lack of a tourist zone. We visited the Muslim Village, visited the indescribable waterfall Bang Pae and swimming inside of waterfall, as well as the rehabilitation center for gibbons, fed the fish. And what a delicious BBQ on Naithon Beach and an excellent dinner at the sunset of wild Banana Beach is DREAM TALE!
    All this thanks to Kir, Michael and his friends. Thank you very much for a great holiday!


    My name is Natalie, I’m 45 years old. It was not the first time in Thailand that I realized that I needed free of movement, I wanted to see the whole island, its beauty, secluded beaches. I went to the motorbike school. to learn how to ride a scooter. I want to express my deep gratitude to the instructor Kir for his Lessons. For several lessons, Kir taught me to ride a scooter from novice till good level. Classes were conducted on the polygon and on the road, serpentine, sharp turns, upscent and descent from the mountain, in urban traffic. All this Kir explained in detail, showed by example, accentuated important points. After classes, it was not at all frightening to go out on the road, I felt confident. Thank the instructor for his work! I recommend that everyone take classes from Kir and Moto School Yohoyoho Club. Excellent guys and teachers!


    I want to thank Moto School and the Instructors. Kir, thank you for choosing the time and teaching me how to ride a motorbike! The motorbike is my first serious transport ))) Lol. Many people write that on the island without motorbike is impossible to explore, this is absolutely true.
    Arriving on the island, I did not bother learning to ride, I’m afraid of traffic. But over time, the guys convinced me that the motorbike is a freedom, it’s a pleasure from riding, a pleasure from the opportunity to see and feel.
    Turning to you for help, I felt something on myself that I was trying to convey long and persistently)). My Instructor.. Kir, I’m very grateful to you! Having loose of my fear of sity traffic, I saw the beauty of the island. I wish you as many people as possible to make happier riding a motorbike. To ride a motorbike is fucking cool ))) Such impressions are not forgotten!
    And I want to advise future bikers what you told me – always wear a helmet and do not drink at the motorbike (at least at the beginning)))). It is not difficult to ride a motorbike after lessons. Refer to a professional instructor and enjoy the island!


    I want to officially express my gratitude to the wonderful teacher for teaching motorbike riding – Kirill. I started riding motobike from absolutely no experience in just a few sessions. At what, that I did not have the experience of driving a car and I just mastered a bicycle. Classes were held not only on the polygon, but also in the city. In the city, Kirill sitting behind me on a motorbike while I mastered all the turns and traffic. Praise for fearless )) This is really an effective way to teach people who are afraid to ride motobike: you seem to ride it yourself, but at the same time you are insured and say what to pay attention to. It really helped me. Thank you!!!


    Thanks for the inexpensive rental of motorbike and riding lessons. For two lessons I learned to ride a motorbike from no experience till good level. The instructor are professional explains, shows everything clearly and easily. I got Thai DL without any problems. I myself traveled around the island. Tuk tuks and taxi motorbike is all wrong. If you want to take all from the Thailand – all learn to ride a motorbike, just like this and nothing else. Thanks to instructors Yuri and Kir and good luck with the your business!!!!


    Well, here I am now writing …. I express my great gratitude to Kirill, for helping me in teaching the riding of my two-wheeled friend !!! Riding a motorcycle is both a dream and a necessity! And … .Kirill … .risky own life did it! Taught me! Very patient and very highly qualified teacher. Thank you for helping me to realize my dream – Motorcycle riding!!!!!!!!!

  12. MARINA

    I myself ride a motorbike!!!! So far only scooter, but potential? Despite the fact that the rain and I are all wet – this is an indescribable pleasure. I took motorbike lessons on the island, thanks to Kirill and YOHOYOHO club for providing the transport! The instructor explains everything in great detail, with the trainings on the track !! Who else does not know how, but wants to learn on Phuket and Samui – write! There is an excellent instructor in mind))) I’m ready! One year, I bike rider! #samui #Thailand #bikedriver @ Cafe Madrid

  13. ALEX

    For Kirill – Arigato, Kapun kap, Sey-Sei and then on the list! Excellent explains everything, if something did not work for me, then I immediately understood why! Most resourceful! Positively minded sensei)) I RECOMMEND HIM ABSOLUTELY !!!!! I ride normally, I decided to move to an adult big motorcycle! Without Kirill would not have cope !! Thanks again! Good luck in your endeavors!

  14. ANDREW

    An excellent school for beginners. Especially I wanted to mention Alex’s work. During the three days of training, I picked up a lot experiense for myself. I got acquainted with many nuances that I could not get with self-preparation. Most importantly, there was confidence in the control of the motorbike, despite the left-side traffic. Among other things, I found myself a good friend on the island, as well as a good service for renting any transport in Koh Samui. Next year I plan to undergo training on a car in a mountainous area. I look forward to further cooperation. I recommend this school yohoyohoho to everyone! Thanks to the instructors, organizers and employees !!


    I want to write feedback on the training on a motorbike from this motoschool and express great gratitude for simple explanations and understandable practical lessons for instructor Kirill. At first I was a little worried, but after a couple of lessons I realized that there was nothing to be afraid of and that everything would turn out! Thank you so much for lessons!)))

  16. KATHY

    You can not see the island without free movement, at the same time I want to feel confident on the road, that’s why I chose to learn how to ride a real bike in a moto school yohoho club. Honestly, I was worried. was afraid as well as that. But the instructor very calmly and intelligibly explains everything and shows. The first lesson at the safe areas, the second in the mountain roads – I thought at first, I will die of fear, but with such an instructor everything is very calm and good. And the third lesson is the trip around the island, not only was I very afraid of the hills between Chaweng and Lamai, but the rain added extreme, but everything turned out very successfully. And now I’ve been ride my steel horse for 8 months already and I feel very confident. Thank you and instructor Kirill for this !! For their support, quality training and advice, they are very useful to me. Thx very much!! )